Friday, July 30, 2010


1 mile. 12:08
Felt alright, especially considering I've had a bad kink in my neck since I woke up. No soreness that I didn't have already. (My hips and knees have been aching, but I don't think it's running related.)

Long haul, long haul, long haul. I need to remind myself of this over and over. This is not something I'm doing for a month or so, it's long term. To reach my goal and lose a pound per week, I'm looking at a year long commitment. It's consistency that will count. Over the short term, it won't seem like much, but in 6 months it will feel amazing.

Also, right now I'm just keeping track of what I eat, not necessarily trying to eat less. Of course, seeing it in black and white makes me more watchful, but if I want to eat right now, then eat away! Not spiraling into oblivion because I've "messed up" is a good goal to have and lesson to learn.

4 breakfast: oatmeal 2, milk 1, raisins 1
7 lunch: bread 4, ham 1, cheese 1, apple 1
2 banana
25 dinner: bk cheeseburger 10, fries 8, hershey's sundae pie 7
38 Total

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